What is the Lord’s Day? By Daniel Botkin

What is ‘The Lord’s Day’? By Daniel Botkin

The Apostle John’s mention of ‘the Lord’s day’ is often quoted by Christians who worship on the first day of the week instead of on Saturday, the Sabbath. But is this a correct understanding of this reference? Daniel Botkin explains the context of ‘the Lord’s day’ and the meaning of the Sabbath.

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Daniel Botkin
Daniel Botkin publishes the bimonthly "Gates of Eden" magazine, which has been in print since 1995. To receive a copy, send your name and SNAIL MAIL address to danielbotkin@mtco.com. Dr. Botkin is a writer, teacher, artist, and musician and speaks at churches, Messianic congregations, and conferences across the nation. He and his wife Teresa live in East Peoria, IL and shepherd Gates of Eden Messianic Congregation. Daniel has a B.S. in Art from Illinois State University and a Doctorate in literature from the Evangelical Reformed Methodist Church.
Daniel Botkin
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