Christmas and Easter From A Pro-Torah Perspective:

What are the origins of Christmas and Easter? What are we to make of the questionable roots of these man-made traditions? Learn how the Early Church kept the Feast Days (as listed in Lev. 23) and how Easter and Christmas only later became associated with Christianity.

Easter vs Passover

Passover vs. Easter: Does it really matter?

As a follower of Jesus, where are we to turn to when trying to explain Easter? Do we find passages in the Bible that give us solid grounds for defending this holiday or must we look elsewhere? Let’s take a closer look at one of the most widely celebrated Christian festivals, and discover how it relates to Jesus. [Read more]

My thoughts on Christmas by Richard Shaules

My thoughts on Christmas

As a follower of Christ, I believe there are only three options when reviewing the customs and traditions of Christmas: 1) Remove Christ from Christmas, 2) Remove man-made traditions (of questionable origins, as indicated in the paragraphs below) from Christmas, or 3) abandon man-made traditions associated with Christ and adopt God’s Holy Days. [Read more]

Three Days Three Nights By Ronald L Dart

Three Days and Three Nights

Nearly the whole Christian world believes that Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose from the dead Sunday morning. But if you have read the New Testament with any care at all, you may have a lingering question about this. Jesus said plainly that he would be in the grave for three days and three nights. How can we squeeze three days and three nights into the time between Friday, about sunset, and Sunday morning before daybreak?  [Read more]