Morality From A Pro-Torah Perspective:

Do we need God in order to be moral? Can society determine what is “good” and what is “evil”? Can a moral law exist with out a moral law giver? Investigate several resources that show the necessity of not only a moral law, but a moral law giver. Also investigate the inconsistencies that arise when trying to reconcile an atheistic worldview with a sense of moral obligations.

Moral Decay in the Church by Ronald Dart

Moral Decay in the Church by Ronald L. Dart

The unity Paul speaks of is inclusive (“How do we include everybody?”), not exclusive (“What people do we need to kick out?”). In Ephesians 2, what was the “law of commandment” and the “wall of separation”, and what was abolished by Jesus? How to work toward unity today. Roles of the leaders toward unity. Unity by coercion will not last; authoritarianism divides and is contrary to the Ephesian instruction. Every joint has its role – no exclusiveness. [Read more]