Romans From A Pro-Torah Perspective:

What does it mean to “not be under the law, but under grace”? Did the Apostle Paul ‘do away’ with the law in Romans? Does being ‘dead to sin’ (Romans 6:14) mean we are free from the law? Far from abolishing the torah, Paul expresses his joy in the Law (Romans 7:22) and explains how Christ has enabled us to be set free from sin. Investigate Romans from a pro-torah perspective.

Romans 14 and the Sabbath Commandment

Romans 14 and the Sabbath Commandment

Many use Romans 14 to argue that “all days are now the same” according to God, and that the Sabbath is no longer important, but the context of this passage — particularly its context within second temple Judaism. [Read more]

Did God do away with the law in Romans?

Did God “Do Away” With the Law in Romans?

Q and A with Dr. Michael Brown. How do you reconcile the seemingly contradictory messages from Romans 10:4 and Romans 3:31? [Read more]