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Counterfeit gods

Harsh economic realities are casting new light on the pursuits of sex, money, and success for happiness: careers, fortunes, marriages, and retirement security have collapsed. Many feel lost, disenchanted, and resentful. In this inspiring new book, Timothy Keller, one of the country’s most popular spiritual guides, reveals the unvarnished truth about faith, our hearts’ desires, and the pursuit of happiness-and where all of it can ultimately be found. [Read more]

A Torah Positive Summary of Galatians

Any discussion on the subject of Torah almost always mentions Sha’ul’s Letter to the Galatians. Many assert that this letter absolutely prohibits the practices of the first five books of the Bible by believers in Yeshua or that the Torah can have a meaningful place in the everyday life of the believer. Because of this thinking we thought it would be helpful to present a different approach to the Book of Galatians, one which we think is more in tune with the tenor of the rest of Scripture. [Read more]