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63 Reasons to keep the Sabbath

63 Biblical reasons to keep the 7th day Sabbath

The Sabbath is a great point of contention among God’s people. Many become preoccupied with finding reasons not to keep it, or justifying why it should be kept differently than the way God instructed his people to keep it. [Read more]

What is the Lord’s Day? By Daniel Botkin

What is ‘The Lord’s Day’? By Daniel Botkin

The Apostle John’s mention of ‘the Lord’s day’ is often quoted by Christians who worship on the first day of the week instead of on Saturday, the Sabbath. But is this a correct understanding of this reference? Daniel Botkin explains the context of ‘the Lord’s day’ and the meaning of the Sabbath. [Read more]

Catholic Church Changed Sabbath to Sunday

Catholic Church Changed Sabbath to Sunday

Learn how the Catholic Church, at the Council of Laodicea (363–364 AD), changed Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. [Read more]

Romans 14 and the Sabbath Commandment

Romans 14 and the Sabbath Commandment

Many use Romans 14 to argue that “all days are now the same” according to God, and that the Sabbath is no longer important, but the context of this passage — particularly its context within second temple Judaism. [Read more]